Friday, February 23, 2018


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With over thirty years experience catering to restaurants, we have the knowhow to deliver superb services at the lowest prices available.

From the complete remodel of your entire upholstered collection to the routine maintenance of a torn booth seat or chair, all jobs are happily and carefully performed around your schedule, on your site, at the lowest prices available.  When your job is complete, you should expect your seating to look and feel brand new and to last a long time.  Our primary customers are restaurants.  As a result of our specialization, experience and efficiency, we are able to present you with the very best quality techniques and materials while still providing the best prices available. 
                                         You'll pay less, but you'll get much, much more.

When We're Finished, Your Seats Will Actually Be BETTER Than New! 

If you are considering purchasing new seating, reconsider.  When you reupholster, you have more control over the materials used.  Vinyls and fabrics come in different grades, many unsuitable for the demands of a busy restaurant.  Let us help you make a smart choice.  Vinyl, Fabric, Padding and Support Mechanisms can be chosen based on strength and durability rather than what makes the cheapest sale price.  We can offer the best and still beat our competition.

Environmentally A Much Better Choice:

Reupholstery is an environmentally superior alternative to new manufacture which clogs landfills, devastates forests and requires wasteful, polluting trucks to haul heavy loads over many miles of highway.  Don't throw away your perfectly good frames; you've already paid for them, and they are in great shape.  Instead, reupholster.  Build on your strong foundation to beautify your seating and impress customers with a clean, kept appearance, at lower rates than purchasing new, while supporting your local community with your dollars.

Are You Inspection Ready?

We know how important it is to be prepared for a special holiday, event, VIP, or company inspection.  Call us to evaluate your needs and to get you ready for your important day.  We will closely examine every piece of your upholstered collection.  We will provide you with a report, listing suggested repairs in order of importance.  You can pick and choose which repairs you want.  After you have approved a job, we go to work immediately and work quickly.  When finished, we will request an inspection of our work.  You will not be billed until all work has been satisfactorily completed.

Our Two Most Requested Services.  We've Upholstered Thousands!



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